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Vocal Music

There are a variety of vocal music opportunities for Choir students at Blair Oaks Middle School.


General Music Class -

Students from 5th grade through 8th grade participate in a more hands-on approach to music study.  They play instruments, sight sing songs, and learn about how music is connected to other subjects and art forms.


5th and 6th grade Honor Choir -

An auditioned group that meets after school, one hour each
week. The Honor Choir performs various concerts and school events. This group will work to develop the singing voice, sing in harmony and grow as budding vocal musicians.


7th and 8th grade Falcon Chorale -

An auditioned group that meets during the school day. The 
Falcon Chorale performs various concerts and school events such as the Veteran’s Day Assembly, Dessert Theater, Christmas and Spring Concerts. This group continues to study and develop the singing voice, build sight singing skills, practice more challenging songs in rhythm and harmony, and understand the history and culture of the songs we sing.  All of these skills are important for continued participation in the High School choral program.


Vocal Music Director -

Andrew Bryant